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Sacramento is located at the heart of California's Great Central Valley, at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers. San Francisco is about 85 miles to the south-west via I-80, Los Angeles is about 370 miles to the south down I-5, and the East Coast is a little over 3000 miles away via US-50.

Sacramento was founded in 1849, shortly after the start of the gold rush in the area. It was named the state capital in 1854. Current population is estimated at over 450,000 in the city, and over 2,000,000 in the metro area.

Sacramento has many nicknames including Sac, Sacto, Sactown, Sacratomato, River City, and City of Trees. The City of Trees name comes from having more public trees per capita than any other major U.S. city.

Sacramento typically has hot and very dry summers with cool evenings and mild wet winters that can be rather foggy. Spring and fall can be particularly nice.

You can find quite a bit more detailed information on Sacramento on Wikipedia.

This web site (  has an easy to remember address and provides links to sites containing information of interest to Sacramento area residents and visitors. There are uncatgorized links on the main page, and separate pages of links for major categories such as news, sports, and government (easily accessed from the menu across to top). There are also special sub-sites available for a number of Sacramento County cities ( Elk Grove - Folsom - Isleton - Rancho Cordova ) and communities ( Arden/Arcade - Cosumnes - Fair Oaks - North Highlands ). Additional sub-sites are planned. For information beyond the Sacramento area, here's a site with links to select Northern California Sites - The easy address for all kinds of Sacramento information

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