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My Writing Process Writing, overall, is a process that can be difficult for some people and easy for others. My writing process for a paper that involves reading and comprehending will take a lot longer than that of a simple assignment. While I am writing a paper, my brain is usually on writing the paper. During my writing process my strengths and weaknesses vary depending on the assignment. My main weakness in the writing process is getting motivated to start. The writing process for me can be very frustrating because I will begin writing my paper and I will instantly cross out what I wrote and change my sentences.

In this paper I will examine my writing process, which will help me learn about myself as a writer, and hopefully get my papers started more smoothly. This is typically the hardest step of my writing process because I feel like I have too rigid of rules for making a thesis which makes it harder to get one started. The first step in my revision process is the spell check. After examining my writing process I have found.

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MY PROCESS OF WRITING A PAPER ASSIGNMENT Understanding the subject of an assignment, and a good process through which it is accomplished, is a crucial step to writing a good paper. First is my investigational process. In my writing process, this is the first or the main idea under discussion. If my paper is describing a process, I stick to the order in which the steps must be completed.

Once I have checked my work and perfected my formatting, my writing process is done and since a good process always outputs a good finished product, I always end up writing a good. Every individual has their own unique writing process. Most people would say that my writing process is embarrassing. My twelfth grade research paper was on cybercrime and my writing process consisted for this paper included 8 things.

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This process probably didn t help out my cause for writing that much, it always gave me an opportunity to procrastinate. My next step in my writing process was to go down to the library and look for a couple books that had to deal with the right topic. Childhood experiences and influences are what helped shape my outlook on writing and creativity today. My involvement in journaling led me to discover creative writing.

I had so much enthusiasm for writing about my own life, being able to create my own characters and write about their lives was even more intriguing. I took delight in every part of the process up to stapling the pages together and handing it in for a grade. This process repeated many times over the year and it helped expand my knowledge and grow more confident in my writing. Here, I made a huge transition in my learning process.

These articles broadened my knowledge as well as helped me in process of writing as I learned to accumulate evidence and exam from it. It was a learning process from each other. I was confused about how to use quotations in my writing. I hope someday I will get the bear fruit in my future and my get the best result in English writing.

Like any other writer I have been influenced by many, our processes of writing are different, and some writing ends might need tying up and of course we all have our strength and weaknesses in writing and possibly that favorite subject to write about as well. Coming from a Hispanic background and not having the English language as my first language as a child, the only firm of writing support I have ever received from my family is the legibility of my handwriting. If I had to judge my own writing from the past I would write on there that I need to learn how to place periods in my writ. It helped me develop key strategies helped me further understand the writing process.