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The Passive Voice

The passive voice in essay writing is when we

In the normal, active voice, the subject of the sentence acts upon an object: She snubs him. Both German and English offer an alternative verb structure, the passive voice, in which the subject of the sentence receives the action: He is snubbed by her. To transform the active to the passive, we turn the direct object him into the grammatical subject he and place it in the customary first position. (Colloquial English sometimes uses to get as the auxiliary verb, as in:

He gets snubbed all the time. )Occasionally, German uses the passive voice in ways that are not easily transferred to English.

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The introductory es is particularly common with verbs that take the dative. Here it is the subject:

In a formal curriculum vitae, however, one might say, Ich wurde am 67. Februar 6977 geboren.

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There are several ways to avoid a passive construction while achieving the same effect: man:

This construction uses the active voice but still manages to avoid identifying the subject: reflexive:

with some verbs, there is an English equivalent, without the reflexive, but usually not: sein + zu:

This construction implies k nnen, m ssen, or sollen, and sometimes is equivalent to is/are to + passive: